Can I list things for sale?

No. Everything listed on Swapit is for swapping and trading. There are no price tags
or Auctions.

   How much does it cost?

    Is this site secure?

Yes. Your transactions are protected by the latest encryption technology.

    How do I find what I'm looking for?

      We have a search box and easy to browse categories.We also have a unique matching service
      meaning that a swapit member listing a set of drums to swap for a guitar would prompt a match with a member
      listing a guitar and wanting drums.

    Can I save items to revisit later?

Yes. You can maintain your own "favourites" list within your account.Each listing on our site has an
"add to favorites" link. Simply click that link and we will add that item to your favorites list.

   Can I offer only money instead of swapping?

Members can offer money only for an item and money can also be offered as part of a deal.
For example I'll give you 10 apples and $5 for two dozen eggs. Members are not permitted
to post any item with a stated price or perceived cash value. Deals are made through our
private internal messaging system. Cash payments for items are conducted off site via arrangements
between members.

   How do members communicate with each other?

We provide members with the ability to contact a fellow Swapit member through a form that is accessible
on each of the members listing pages. Members can use this function to ask a question or make an offer.
The member contacted will be notified by email of any questions or offers and can either reply by email or
log in to their account and reply through our onsite messaging system. Members can choose to keep their
email address anonymous.

    If a member makes an offer can I refuse it?

     Absolutely you can! Members are under no obligation to accept any offer put to them. In other words you could
     list a sports car but if you don't like any offers then the listing stays live until something irresistible comes along or
     the member removes the listing.