About Swapit

Swapit is a community minded business set up for our members to swap unwanted goods or swap services for goods or service for service. Most households have accumalated stuff that's no longer used or needed that just lays around growing old and dusty. So why not Swapit for things you want and need?

Swapit is a fun new way of exchanging goods and services. Well, actually it's not really a new concept as swapping, trading, and bartering has been around for thousands of years. We've just brought it into the 21st century on a modern interactive platform. Need a larger car? A smaller car? A bigger or smaller fridge?

Perhaps you need some work doing around the house? Maybe you have a bach in Taupo and fancy a holiday in Queenstown? Just about anything can be swapped on Swapit.

Registration is super easy. Then list your items and tell us what you're looking for or simply browse the listings until you find something interesting. Once you've found it you can privately contact the member and make a deal. No auctions, nothing for sale, no waiting around for payment.

Perhaps you're a market gardener or have a lifestyle block growing fruits and vegetables. Swap your produce with other growers for a year round supply of fresh fruit and veges. Fun, healthy,  and cheap. Fruit and Veg on Swapit

We at Swapit are dedicated to recycling, reduction of landfill, and the management of our precious environment. So yes. We're a little bit green.

We hope Kiwis embrace Swapit and get into the true spirit of recycling. Register now and join in the fun.

With Warm Regards,

The Swapit Team.